Publications as first author

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Publications as co-author

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Submitted, or in revision

An intercomparison of Large-Eddy Simulations of the Martian daytime convective boundary layer,
T. Bertrand, A. Spiga, S. Rafkin, A. Colaitis, F. Forget and E. Millour. GMD, 2016.

The MARs Boundary Layer Lidar (MARBLL): Observation strategies and performance predictions.
G. Deprez,T. Bertrand, F. Montmessin, D. Bruneau, F. Forget and A. Spiga. In prep., 2016

Invited talks

Pluto's Atmosphere Dynamics: How the Nitrogen Heart Regulates the Circulation.
Bertrand, T., Forget, F., Toigo, A., Hinson, D. Pluto System After New Horizons 2019.

What Are the Origins of Detached Layers of Dust on Mars ? Investigation with a Global Climate Model.
Bertrand, T., Spiga, A., Forget, F., Millour, E., Wang, C. AGU 2014.

Technical Notes for InSight and ExoMars missions

1/ Technical Notes for InSight Landing Site Characterization Studies

Mars Atmospheric Mesoscale Simulation Results: Winds at InSight landing Site.
Bertrand, T., Forget, F., Spiga, A., and Millour, E. 2013.
Reference: LMD-INS-TNO-01, LMD-INS-TNO-02, LMD-INS-TNO-03

2/ Technical Notes for ExoMars Landing Site Characterization Studies

Summary of ExoMars Landing Site Characterization Studies.
Bertrand, T., Spiga, A., Forget, F., and Millour, E., 2013,
Reference: EXM-MS-TNO-LMD-0091

LMD - SwRI LES Models Intercomparison for ExoMars Landing Site Characterization.
Bertrand, T., and Spiga, A., 2013.
Reference: EXM-MS-TNO-LMD-0084, EXM-MS-TNO-LMD-0085

LMD - SwRI Mesoscale Models Intercomparison for ExoMars Landing Site Characterization.
Bertrand, T., and Spiga, A., 2013.
Reference: EXM-MS-TNO-LMD-0081, EXM-MS-TNO-LMD-0082, EXM-MS-TNO-LMD-0083.

Analysis of wind shear for the ExoMars mission using ultra-high resolution Large Eddy Simulations (LES).
Bertrand, T., Spiga, A., and Colaitis, A., 2012.
Reference: EXM-MS-TNO-LMD-0071


Two articles for the Journal "La Recherche" (a French equivalent of "Scientific American"):

Bertrand, T. and Forget, F. Pluton explorée aussi en version numérique.
Sept. 2017, N527.

Bertrand, T. and Forget, F. Simuler Pluton pour comprendre son climat.
Hors série: Le système solaire et ses planètes, Sept 2017.

Contribution to the writing of articles in "Pour la Science" and "Science et Vie Junior" (general public scientific journals).


My thesis in 5 minutes, competition organized by the journal "Ciel et espace".
Award for best Science thesis from the Chancellerie des Universites de Paris (Aguirre-Basualdo PhD Prize 2018)