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LMDZ training course 2021 (8-10 dec.)

We are planning an online preparatory session on the 2nd of december 2021 to insure he LMDZ model can be installed on your personnal computers (we will loan some out on the 8th of december if you don't have one). This is so less time will be wasted during the actual training session trying to solve installation problems.

The actual training session would take place on the 8th to 10th of december.

Please register before the 12th of november 2021, for the next LMDZ training course by filling in this poll.



Your name
Language In which language would you prefer the course be given ?
Your usage of LMDZ
Do you currently use LMDZ?

If you do, do you use LMDZ within the libIGCM/modipsl framework?  

Type of planned work with LMDZ:
1D or 3D
'Real-world' or idealized (e.g. aquaplanets) configuration
Climate or tracers studies?
Are you interested in surface processes (coupling with ocean or land) ?

Your planned profile How to you see yourself as a LMDZ user?
Tutorials' practical details
Typically, tutorials will be run with Linux Operating System. We won't be much help if you bring a Mac or a Windows computer !

You will be able to run the tutorials using either:

  • Laptops (Linux/Ubuntu) provided for the training session which you'll be able to come and fetch before the preliminary installation session.
  • Your own laptop. If you plan to use your laptop, it should preferably be some Linux OS (a Linux Virtual Machine on some other operating system should also work), and should include a Fortran compiler (e.g. gfortran, version > 4.3) and some software to visualize NetCDF files (e.g. Ferret, Grads, ...).

To refresh your knowledge about Linux: Linux Boot camp

Hardware used for the tutorials