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12-14/9/2018: GABLS4 workshop

The GABLS4 workshop is scheduled the 12-14 September in Toulouse at Meteo-France. (no registration fee)
Quand ? Du 12/09/2018 à 09:30
au 14/09/2018 à 17:00
Où ? Toulouse
S'adresser à
Téléphone 0144272799
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In order to organize a minimum the agenda, and other things (coffee break, drinks etc ...) we would like to receive before the 13th July some information from you:

- do you plan to attend the workshop ? yes/no
if not: do you want to give a presentation or follow some discussions remotely ? yes/no
if yes: would you like to give a presentation
- on GABLS4? yes/no
- on Stable boundary Layer, Polar weather ? yes/no

A tentative schedule of the workshop could be :
- 0.5 day : results and discussion on the 2 scientific papers (1 paper general on GABLS4 and 1 paper focusing on LES) ( Eric and Fleur)
- 0.5 or 1 day presentations on GABLS4, Stable boundary layer and polar weather ...
- 0.5 day GABLS4 data access and following discussions on the scientific papers.
- 0.5 day a next GABLS case? link with YOPP ? A dedicated workshop website http://www.meteo.fr/cic/meetings/2018/GABLS4/ will be open soon for "official" registration (title, abstract, etc ..) with a deadline of the 7th August for the abstract and title. We need to know the expected presentations with the title to provide a final agenda before the 13th August.

Best Regards Eric Bazile, Fleur Couvreux and Patrick Lemoigne

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