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19/3/2020: Séminaire de Marion Saint-Lu (LMD)

Rainfall changes over tropical rainforests under global warming: On the role of surface warming and atmospheric circulation.
Quand ? Le 19/03/2020,
de 11:00 à 12:00
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This study investigates how the direct effects of CO2 quadrupling on plant physiology impact precipitation in three main rainforests. We show that differences between the regions lie in how land-surface warming (driven by reduced transpiration) interacts with their climatological atmospheric circulations, regardless of their reliance on evapotranspiration. Various atmosphere-only experiments from two General Circulation Models are used. We find that over New Guinea, land-surface warming amplifies moisture convergence from the ocean and increases rainfall. In the Congo, no clear rainfall changes emerge as the land-surface warming effect is offset by migrations of rainfall. In Amazonia, the interaction of land-surface warming with the climatological circulation pattern leads to a precipitation-change dipole, with reduced rainfall in central and eastern Amazonia and increased rainfall in the west.

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