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Claudia Stubenrauch

CNRS Senior Research Scientist / Directrice de Recherche au CNRS


LMD/CNRS/Sorbonne University
office 311A
T 45-55, 3rd floor
4 place Jussieu
F75252 Paris Cedex 05

Email: stubenrauch@lmd.polytechnique.fr

Phone: 01 44 27 74 02



Professional Experience
1990 - present       Research Scientist at CNRS, LMD (Senior Research Scientist since 2003)
2009 - 2012           Head of Atmosphere-Biosphere-Climate Remote sensing group at LMD 
1994 - 1995           Visiting Scientist at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York, USA

1987 - 1990           Research Physicist at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (CERN fellowship)
1984 - 1987           Research Physicist at C.E.A.,Saclay, France

1987                     Ph.D - Habilitation (Thèse d’Etat), High Energy Physics, University South Paris, France
1984                     M.Sc. (Diplom), High Energy Physics,University of Dortmund,Germany
1980                     B.Sc. (Vordiplom), Physics, University of Münster, Germany

Selected international / national Services
2015 – present     leading co-chair of GEWEX Process Evaluation Study on Upper Tropospheric Clouds and Convection
2006 – 2012         leading co-chair of GEWEX Cloud Assessment 
2002 – 2008         co-chair of Climate Working Group of International TOVS Working Group

2010 - 2013          International Panel of Climate Change: AR5 Review Editor, WG1
2009 - 2016          International Radiation Commission: elected member
2007 - 2018          GEWEX Radiation Panel / Data and Assessment Panel: elected member

2015  - present       member of Scientific Advisory Board of French Data Centre AERIS, France
2011 - present        member of Scientific Advisory Board of GMES-MDD program, France
2010 - present        member of National Expert Committee for IASI-NG, France

Selected Publications

Development of global cloud climate data bases 

AIRS cloud climatology V2 (2003-2015), IASI cloud climatology (2008-2015) : soon available at French Data Centre AERIS

  • LMD Cloud Retrieval using IR Sounders: Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document for CIRS-LMD software package (V2), Feofilov, A. G., and  C. J. Stubenrauch, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.15812.63361 (2017)


GEWEX Cloud Assessment data base

AIRS cloud climatology V1 (2003-2009), aivailability: L3 data at GEWEX Cloud Assessment data base, L2 data at AERIS / ICARE

TOVS cloud climatology     (1987-1992), aivailability: L3 data at GEWEX Cloud Assessment data base