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  1. NR_util

    What is it?

    NR_util is a Fortran 2003 library. It contains basic mathematical constants and basic procedures for numerical tasks.

    NR_util originates from the “utility routines” of Numerical Recipes in Fortran 90 (Press et al., 1996, Cambridge University Press, appendix C1), version 2.10a, contained in files nrtype.f90 and …

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  2. NetCDF95

    NetCDF95 is a Fortran interface to the NetCDF library. Compared to the Fortran 90 NetCDF interface, the NetCDF95 interface is meant to be friendlier and more secure. Notably, it frees you of the cumbersome task of handling the error status.


    • October 12th, 2017.
      • NetCDF95 is now in Fortran 2003 …

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  3. Installation of NetCDF95

    NetCDF95 is written in Fortran 2003 so you need a Fortran 2003 compiler on your machine. Moreover, you need to have the NetCDF Fortran library installed using the same Fortran compiler than the one you are going to use for NetCDF95. (Note that the NetCDF Fortran library itself requires prior …

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  4. Fonctions intrinsèques spécifiques

    Je pense qu'il vaut mieux utiliser les noms génériques, comme "mod", que les noms spécifiques, comme "amod" ou "dmod". Ils sont plus clairs, plus immédiatement compréhensibles par tout le monde. On trouve d'ailleurs plus difficilement dans les livres la documentation des noms spécifiques. Cette documentation est reléguée dans des tableaux …

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  5. max_diff_nc

    What is it?

    This is a program which compares two NetCDF files. Only NetCDF variables with type nf90_float or nf90_double are compared. The program either compares variables with the same NetCDF ID (varid) or variables with the same name. Compared variables are assumed to have the same type and shape …

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