Selected abstracts for conferences
(Non-exhaustive list)


Seasonal variations of Titan's atmosphere from Global Climate Modelling with radiative transfer coupled to microphysics and photochemistry
"Titan after Cassini-Huygens" Scientific Workshop, ESAC, Madrid, Spain, 2019.
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Turbulence modelling in Titan's zonal wind collapse
EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 2019.
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Seasonal variations in Titan's stratosphere polar regions addressed with a Global Climate Model
European Planetary Science Congress, Berlin, Germany, 2018.
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Modélisation des variations saisonnières dans la moyenne atmosphère de Titan
Colloque Quadriennal du Programme National de Planétologie, Nice, France, 2018.
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Seasonal effects in Titan's stratosphere analyzed through Global Climate Modelling
Cassini Science Symposium, Boulder, USA, 2018.
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Investigating the thermal structure in Titan's atmosphere with a Net Exchange Rate formalism
European Planetary Science Congress, Riga, Latvia, 2017.
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Modelling of Titan's middle atmosphere with the IPSL climate model
European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 2017.
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Exploring the circulation in Titan's middle atmosphere with an improved radiative transfer in the IPSL climate model
Workshop "Titan Through Time IV", NASA GSFC, USA, 2017.
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Outstanding Student Poster Award (OSPA) recipient
Awarded at European Planetary Science Congress, Berlin, Germany, 2018.
Check out the associated poster here.

2nd prize for Chronothesis (aka 'Ma Thèse en 5 minutes')
AFA / Ciel & Espace, October 2016.

2018 (talk)
CPS/WTK Mini-Workshop on Planetary Atmospheres, Kobe, Japan
Modelling Titan's atmosphere with LMD-IPSL GCM

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