• An up-to-date list of all my peer-reviewed publications.

  • A complete list of publications : refeered papers and conferences abstracts, talks (can be slightly obsolete).

  • Our new reference book on The Atmosphere and Climate of Mars (Cambridge University Press, 2017)


  • Our popular Book (in French, written with F. Costard and P. Lognonne) La planete Mars, Histoire d'un autre monde (publisher: Belin, 2003, 2006). Awarded ("Grand Prix") at the Salon du livre scientifique d'Orsay 2004. New edition in 2006.

    Translated in Dutch Mars Verslag van een andere wereld (Publisher Veen)

    Translated in english (2007) _Planet Mars: Story of Another World _ (Publisher Springer-Praxis)

    Translated in Japanese (2008) (Newton)

    The covers of the different version of our book

  • Scientific coordination of a "Pour la Science" Special issue on Mars (French version of Scientific American) in july 2014 (with journalist Loic Mangin):

  • I have written en exhibition for high-schools and libraries about climate, water and life on other planets
    (freely downloadable, in french). Check the website :

  • A popular Book : "Système solaire et planètes" (edition ellipses, 2009).

    Co-authors: Annie-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd, André Brahic, Thérèse Encrenaz, François Forget, Marc Ollivier, Sylvie Vauclair