Awards & Committees

$\bullet$ Awards

- 2019 :
ERC Laureate, project Mars through Time (Advanced Grant, European Research Council)
- 2017 :
Elected at the French "Academie of Sciences".
- 2014 :
David Bates Medal at the European Geophysical Union ("for exceptional contributions to planetary and solar system sciences").
- 2007 :
Award: Fondation del Duca (Institut de France)
- 2004 :
Prize: "Best science book 2004" ("Grand Prix") at the "Salon du livre scientifique d'Orsay" for the book "La planete Mars, Histoire d'un autre monde (publisher: Belin) translated in Dutch, Japanese, English ("Planet Mars: Story of Another World").
- 2002 :
Award: Zeldovich medal, Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)
- 2001 :
Award: ``Bronze medal'', CNRS

For my supervised PhD Student :

- 2019 :
Best PhD thesis in astrophysics (Societe Francaise d'Astronomie et d'Astrophysique, SF2A) for Martin Turbet , also 2nd of Daniel Guinier prize of SFP (Societe Francaise de Physique).
- 2018 :
Award: "Aguirre-Basualdo Prize" (best PhD thesis in Science of matter, Physics, Chemistry, sciences of the universe and technology) delivered by the " Chancellerie des Universitees de Paris" to my PhD student Tanguy Bertrand
- 2015 :
Award: "Best PhD thesis in geophysics" (Prix de these du Comite national francais de geophysique et de geodesie: CFNGG ) awarded to my PhD student Benjamin Charnay.
- 2009 :
Award: "Best 2008 PhD thesis in Earth, Universe and Space Science" (Fondation EADS) awarded to my PhD student Aymeric Spiga.

$\bullet$ National and International Comittees

- 2019-2024 :
Member of the " Science Program Committee" (CPS), Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) : (Senior advisory body in Exploration, Astronomy, Earth, Life and Physical Sciences)
- 2019-present :
Member of Paris Observatory High Scientific Council (HCS)
- 2015-2017 :
Member of the Space Science Advisory Committee (SSAC), European Space Agency's senior scientific advisory body.
- 2009-2010 :
Member of the NASA/National Academy of Science Planetary Science Decadal Survey , Mars Panel. (official team of experts gathered to help define science and mission strategy in the next decade (3 non-american members out of 77).
- 2008-2009 :
Member of the NASA/MEPAG Mars Architecture Tiger Team (a first team of experts gathered to help define NASA program in the next decade. I was the only non-american member).
- 2007-2009 :
Member of the scientific committee of the "International Space Science Institute"
- 2004-2006 :
Member of the Solar System Working Group, European Space Agency
- 2001-2003 :
Member of the Solar System Working Group, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales.
- 2001 :
Member of ``NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Science Review pannel'' (selection of the MRO instruments payload)

$\bullet$ Editing, Conferences organization

- 2011-2017 :
Associate Editor: Journal or Geophysical Research (Planet)

- Organizer of the six international conferences Mars atmosphere modelling and observations (130 to 150 participants):

1) January 13-15, 2003, Granada, Spain

2) February 27 - March 3, 2006 Granada, Spain

3) November 10-13, 2008 Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

4) February 8-11, 2011 Paris, France

5) January 13-16, 2014 Oxford, UK

6) January 17-20, 2017 Granada, Spain

- 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 :
European Geophysical Society General assembly : Convener of the ``Terrestrial planetary atmospheres'' session.