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An educational software to simulate the climate

This educational software is originally deviced for use in high schools as part of the french curriculum in Life and Earth Sciences. It realises climate simulations given user-chosen parameters. Through a friendly interface, the user chooses the length of the simulation (from 100 years to a few billions years) and the initial conditions, and tests the influence of various parameters involved in climate: astronomic forcing, atmospheric composition, carbone cycle, climatic feedbacks (ice albedo, vegetation, ocean, water vapor). Simulation results (such as temperature, sea level and ice cover), calculated on the flys by a physical climate model, appear on the interface, through curves and images.

Here is a snapshot of the graphical interface:

snapshot of graphical interface

Possible uses:

This educational software can be used to introduce processes controlling climate. It can be used to discuss past climate variations and the different natural factors that influence climate (astronomic forcing, natural perturbations in the carbon cycle). The effect of climatic feedbacks can be shown by plugging or unplugging feedbacks. This software can also be used to discuss global warming, and test different carbon dioxyde emmissions scenarii. For example, it can be used:

If you use this software with your students or for any educational purpose, we would be very happy to hear about your feedbacks! Please send us news at xxx

Download this software:

You can freely download a version for windows or linux.
The software is available in English or French. If the translation in an additional language interests you, please contact xxx

Documentations about this software:

Météo-France version of the software:

The graphical interface of this software has been improved by a team at Météo-France. You can download this version from Météo-France's site.

Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question, comment or suggestion about this software:

You are welcome to use this software in your classes or science festivals Please tell us about your experience with it!

Who develop this software

Initially, this software was developped by a team of two young PhD student and teachers in Paris:

In 2012-2013, Marion Saint-Lu is working on improving the physics and the educational use of the software, in the context of the Climate-KIC. Thanks to Franck Guyon for his help to install the software on the laboratory computers. She has prepared three internship activities for bachelor students (see the "possible uses" section).

version francaise

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