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Research Scientist at CNRS
Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique (LMD)
Case postale 99
4, place Jussieu
75252 Paris Cedex 05
Mail: xxx
Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

Climate projections differ between climate models, both on the amplitude of the projected warming and on the associated precipitation changes. The broad goal of my research is thus to better evaluate climate models and the credibility of their projections. To do so, it is necessary to evaluate the representation by climate models of physical processes that are both key for climate change and source of dispersion between models. Testing models capacity to respond to past climate variations is also informative on the credibility of models to simulate the future climate change.
The originality of my research in this context is to exploit measurements of water isotopic composition. Water can has different isotopic species (H216O, H218O, HDO or H217O) whose concentration is impacted by phase changes during the water cycle.
My work follows 3 main directions:

  1. Exploiting isotopic measurements to better evaluate convective and cloud processes in the tropics
  2. Exploiting isotopic measurements to better evaluate land hydrological processes
  3. Exploiting paleo-climatic isotopic archives to better evaluate models response to past climate variations

Research projects

The French project CONV-ISO (studying convective and cloud processes during the MJO and evaluating their representation in climate models by combining humidity, cloud and water isotopic measurements) is from February 2013 to February 2017.

Research experience

Post-doc at CIRES (Boulder, USA)

under the direction of David Noone.

PhD thesis at Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique (Paris, France)

under the direction of Sandrine Bony and Jean Jouzel, on water stable isotopes and their applications to study the water cycle and climate variations. This thesis has been awarded the Prix André Prud'homme by the French Meteorological Society, the Prix Le Monde of academic research, and the Prix of the best PhD thesis by the EADS foundation (small moovie summarizing my thesis).

Past internships in laboratories:

  • 2006: Master internship with Sandrine Bony, about the relationship between the isotopic composition of water and atmospheric convection in the Tropics (report, presentation)
  • 2004: "Maîtrise" intership at MIT with Kerry Emanuel, on statistical synthesis of hurricanes tracks in a risk evaluation perspective (report, publication)
  • 2003: Internship at LMD with Frédéric Hourdin

Advised work:

  • Benedikt Rakotonirina-Hess, 2014, Master student on pas and future changes of tropical precipitation in CMIP5.
  • Yannick Lamare, 2014, Master student on cold pools in Niamey.
  • Anis Bouchelit, 2014, Master student on diabatic heating in LMDZ-1D.
  • Obbe Tuinenburg, 2013-2015: post-doc on the MJO for the CONV-ISO project.
  • Alexandre Cauquoin, 2013-2014: post-doc on tritium modelling in LMDZ, advised by Amaelle Landais
  • Marion Saint-Lu, 2012-2013: doctorate mission (1 day a week) on the improvement and educational use of the SimClimat software, in the context of the Climate-KIC
  • Francesca Guglielmo, 2012-2013: post-doc co-advised with Catherine Ottlé in the context of the megagrant project WSibIso, on implementing water isotopes is the new ORCHIDEE version and applying it to study the hydrological cycle in Siberia
  • Victor Gryazin, 2012-2013: engineer co-advised with Jean Jouzel in the context of the megagrant project WSibIso, on isotopic model-data comparison over Siberia
  • You He, 2012-2014: PhD student co-advised with Valérie Masson-Delmotte and Gao Jing in the context of a French-Chinese program, on interpreting water isotopic records over the Tibetan plateau.
  • Tiana Jacquemart and Julie Meyer, 2012, Bachelor student on TWP-ice simulations with LMDZ-iso-1D
  • Gaëlle Benoit, 2012, Bachelor internship on radiative-convective equilibrium simulations with LMDZ-iso-1D. Report in French
  • Lauraine Desbordes, 2012, Master student on the influence of irrigation on precipitation distribution
  • Magali Hug, 2012, Master student on isotopic variation during ENSO in LMDZ and TES.
  • Guillaume Tremoy, 2009, Master student co-advised with Françoise Vimeux on the interpretation of isotopic ice core records in South America
  • Marie Vicompte, 2007, Bachelor student co-advised with Sandrine Bony on Sahelian squall lines

Editorial activities

  • reviewing articles: 34 papers including in Nature, JGR, GRL, Clim Dyn...
  • 2012--: member of the editorial board of the journal La Météorologie


Development of an educational software of climate simulation

Various educational activities: more here

Since 2011:

  • 2013: standing for Olivier Boucher for 4 courses on climate at the Ecole Polytechnique Féminine.
  • 2011-2012: Training for students preparing the "Agrégation"* of Biology-Geology.
  • Juillet 2012: Practical session at the Climate-KIC summer school in Polytechnique

Teaching at the Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris 6):

  • 2007-2008 and 2008-2009
    • Physics for 1st-year University students
    • Training of students preparing the "CAPES"# and the "Agrégation"* of Biology-Geology.
  • 2006-2007
    • Earth Sciences for 1st-year University students
    • Training for students preparing the "Agrégation"* of Biology-Geology.

* Agrégation: competitive examination for posts in the teaching staff of high schools and Universities
# CAPES: competitive examination for posts in the teaching staff of middle and high schools