Accepted, or in press

Saturn's stratospheric equatorial oscillation and associated planetary wave activity through the Cassini epoch
S. Guerlet, T. Fouchet, A. Spiga, B. Hesman, N. Gorius, L. Fletcher, F.M. Flasar
JGR Planets

Katabatic jumps in the Martian northern polar regions
A. Spiga and I. B. Smith

Seasonal Variability in Winds in the North Polar Region of Mars
I. B. Smith and A. Spiga

Introduction to the Special Issue on Mars Polar Science and Exploration: Conference Summary and Five Top Questions
I. B. Smith, S. Diniega, D. W. Beaty, T. Thorsteinsson, P. Becerra, A. M. Bramson, S. M. Clifford, C. S. Hvidberg, G. Portyankina, S. Piqueux, A. Spiga, T. N. Titus

Preparing for InSight: an invitation to participate in a blind test for Martian seismicity
J. Clinton et al.
Seismological Research Letters

Mesoscale circulations
Rafkin S., A. Spiga, T. Michaels
The Atmosphere and Climate of Mars [Cambridge University Press, May 2017]

Microscale circulations
Read P. et al.
The Atmosphere and Climate of Mars [Cambridge University Press, May 2017]

Submitted, or in revision

Planetary Boundary Layer and Slope Winds on Venus
S. Lebonnois, G. Schubert, F. Forget, A. Spiga

From dunes to aeolian sediment transport in north polar sand seas of Mars
L. Fernandez-Cascales, A. Lucas, S. Rodriguez, X. Gao, A. Spiga, C. Narteau
Earth and Planetary Science Letters

ExoMars Atmospheric Mars Entry and Landing Investigations and Analysis (AMELIA)
F. Ferri et al.
Space Science Reviews

Numerical simulation of rocket dust storms on Mars in the LMD Martian GCM: modeling details and validation
Wang C., Forget F., Bertrand T., A. Spiga, E. Millour, T. Navarro
Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets)

The DREAMS experiment onboard the Schiaparelli Module of the ExoMars 2016 mission: design, performances and expected results
Esposito et al.
Space Science Reviews

Not accepted

An intercomparison of Large-Eddy Simulations of the Martian daytime convective boundary layer
Bertrand T., A. Spiga, S. Rafkin, A. Colaitis, F. Forget, and E. Millour
Geoscientific Model Development

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