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Program & Presentations


Abstract Book - posted 10 June 2014
List of Participants - posted 10 June 2014

Tuesday June 3, 2014
8h30 - 9h

Poster installation
Welcome coffee

9h - 9h30

Welcome Opening

9h30 - 10h25
Session 1 : Theoretical spectroscopy [Download]
Chair: J.-M. Flaud (55 mn)

- Infrared radiation in the middle and upper atmosphere of planets: current problems in calculation and interpretation [A.Feofilov (Invited)]

- Most recent analyses of high resolution infrared spectra of ozone 16O3 and 18O enriched isotopic species: Up to the line-lists [A. Barbe]

- Reference spectra in spectroscopic databases: Advantages, limitations, and perspectives [O. Naumenko (Invited)]
10h25 - 10h45
Coffee break
10h45 - 12h10
Session 2 : Theoretical spectroscopy : line shape parameters assessment [Download]
Chair: D. Jacquemart (1h25 mn)

- Theoretical line-broadening coefficients for methane-derived molecules of CH3X type [J. Buldyreva]

- Air- and Self-broadened Line shapes in the 2ν3 P and R Branches of 12CH4 [V.M. Devi (Invited)]

- Temperature dependences of self- and N2-broadened line parameters in the ν6 band of CH3D [A. Predoi-Cross]

- Atmospheric radiative transfer generalised for use on Earth and other planets: ARTS 2.2 [A. Perrin]

- An isolated line-shape model to go beyond the Voigt profile in spectroscopic databases and radiative transfer codes [H. Tran (Invited)]
12h10 - 13h30
13h30 - 14h40
Session 3 : Cross section Laboratory Spectroscopy [Download]
Chair: M. Hess (1h10 mn)

- Infrared spectroscopy of Halogen-containing species for atmospheric remote sensing [J. Harrison (Invited)]

- A review of Global Warming Potentials and Radiative Efficiencies of Halocarbons and Related Compounds [C. Nielsen (Invited)]

- New absorption cross-sections in the near-infrared for GEISA [J. Orphal]

-IR spectroscopy of selected terpenes, their oxydation and degradation products [Th. Huet]
14h40 - 15h45
Session 4 : High Resolution Laboratory Spectroscopy [Download]
Chair: O. Naumenko (Part 1 : 1h05 mn)

- High resolution Fourier Transform spectroscopy at DLR for improving the spectroscopic database of atmospheric species [J. Loos (Invited)]

- New insights on the absorption spectrum of the major atmospheric species by ultra sensitive Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy between 1.20 and 1.71 µm [A. Campargue]

- Measurements and modeling of 16O12C17O spectroscopic parameters at 2 µm [D. Jacquemart]
15h45 - 16h15
Poster presentation (1mn per poster) [Download]
Chair: R. Armante 
16h15 - 16h45
Coffee break
16h45 - 17h45
Poster Session
Chair: R. Armante

Conference Dinner


Wednesday June 4, 2014
9h - 9h30
Session 4 : High Resolution Laboratory Spectroscopy [Download]
Chair: A. Campargue (Part 2 : 30 mn)

- High Resolution Spectroscopy of 14NH3 and 15NH3 at different temperatures : A tool to derive transition lower state energies [P. Cacciani]

- LED-based Fourier transform Spectroscopy - An useful tool for near infrared and visible [L. Sinitsa]
9h30 - 10h35
Session 5 : Spectroscopy Studies for Astronomy and Astrophysic [Download]
Chair: P. Drossart (Part 1 : 1h05 mn)

- Infrared absorption by pure CO2 near 3340 cm-1 : Measurements and analysis of collisional coefficients and line-mixing effects at subastmospheric pressures [J. Vander Auwera (Invited)]

- Line positions and intensities of the Phosphine (PH3) Pentad near 4.5 microns [I. Kleiner]

- New approach for spectroscopic data reduction using ab initio calculations and experimental lines: application to methane [V. Tyuterev]

- TAPAS, A web-based service of atmospheric transmission computation for astronomy [J.-L. Bertaux]
10h35 - 10h55
Coffee break
10h55 - 11h45
Session 5 : Spectroscopy Studies for Astronomy and Astrophysic [Download]
Chair: J.L. Bertaux (Part 2 : 50 mn)

- Line lists for TITAN's CARBON chains [A. Jolly]

- UBIQUITOUS ARGONIUM, ArH+, in the diffuse interstellar medium [H. Müller]

- Spectroscopy of planets and EXOPLANETS : A ROAD MAP [P. Drossart (Invited)]
11h45 - 12h30
Session 6 : Database Centers and Distribution [Download]
Chair: H. Müller (45 mn)

- Introduction to the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center (VAMDC) [M.L. Dubernet]

- CH4, C2H4, SF6 and CF4 calculated spectroscopic databases for the virtual atomic and molecular data centre [V. Boudon]

- The GEISA spectroscopic database: a key tool for atmospheric remote sensing applications [N. Jacquinet]
12h30 - 13h30
13h30 - 14h
Coffee and Poster session 
14h - 14h35
Session 7 : Meteorology feedbacks [Download]
Chair: A. Predoi-Cross (35 mn)

- Towards traceable spectral line data - the EUMETRISPEC project [V. Ebert (Invited)]

- Perfecting Methods of Metrological Traceability to Working Standards of Priority Air Pollutants Using UV Absorption Spectroscopy [V. Beloborodov]
14h35 - 15h30
Session 8 : Atmospheric Remote Sensing feedbacks [Download]
Chair: N. A. Scott (55 mn)

- Accurate spectroscopy needs for CNES current and future atmospheric sounding missions [D. Jouglet (Invited)]

- Remote sensing of methane in the atmosphere in the thermal infrared from space [S. Payan (Invited)]

- Impact on spectroscopy from the validation of Level1 Hyperspectral Sounders observations [R. Armante]
15h30 - 15h45
Toward a new vision of spectroscopic databases : organization round table 
Chair: C. Crevoisier
15h45 - 17h30
Round Table : Concluding comments
15h45 - 17h30
END Meeting 


Presenters Guidelines :

  • A laptop will be available for the authors to check their presentation.
  • All authors are requested to upload their presentation on this laptop, 30 minutes before the session starts.
  • Presentations should be in MS PowerPoint or Acrobat pdf.
  • Timing: Oral presentations : 15 mn (12 mn + 3 mn questions) ; Invited presentations (I) : 20 mn (15 mn + 3 mn questions). Chairs will give a 2-minute warning to wrap-up.
  • Use of standard True Type fonts is suggested for PowerPoint presentations. In the case the ppt contains a video or animation, please ensure that both files (Power Point and video - MPG AVI) are in the same folder.
  • As a baseline, presentations from personal laptops are not allowed, to ensure a smooth programme running and to minimise transition time between presentations.

Poster Presentations :

    • Presenters at the poster sessions shall bring their own printed posters. It will not be possible to print a poster on site.
    • The size of the poster panels is 100 cm width and 200 cm height, this thus defines the maximum poster size.


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