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22/05/2018: Séminaire d'Adriana Predoi-Cross

Towards a Better Understanding of Carbon Monoxide and Methane as Atmospheric Trace Constituents
Quand ? Le 22/05/2018,
de 11:00 à 12:00
Où ? LMD-Polytechnique, salle PMC (2e étage)
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Regardless of the minute concentrations, atmospheric trace constituents have a high impact on atmospheric chemistry and dynamics. Spectroscopic remote sensing is one of the techniques used to monitor the short-term, seasonal or yearly trends in concentrations of trace gases. The success of this technique depends on the availability in databases (HITRAN or GEISA) of accurate line parameters for these gases from laboratory studies or theoretical modelling. My talk will present some of the spectroscopic challenges encountered in the process of transfer of knowledge from laboratory settings to atmospheric applications. In particular, I will present recent results obtained for methane and carbon monoxide.

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