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25/9/2018: séminaire de Dave Raymond

Environmental Forcing of Convection over Tropical Oceans
Quand ? Le 25/09/2018,
de 10:30 à 12:30
Où ? Salle de réunion du LMD/Jussieu (T45-55, 3e étage)
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The forcing of convection by its environment is a topic of great importance for global
weather and climate models. Many tropical phenomena such as the Madden-Julian oscil-
lation and various tropical wave modes are highly sensitive to the treatment of convection.
Using observational, theoretical, and modeling tools, we have developed a framework for the
thermodynamic aspects of this forcing. The thermodynamic predictive variables are the sur-
face moist entropy flux, the saturation fraction, and a measure of low to middle level moist
convective instability. This scheme works well in regions of near-uniform sea surface temper-
ature. However, strong SST gradients are likely to require a fourth variable, deep convective
inhibition. The upcoming OTREC (organization of tropical east Pacific convection) project
should yield insight into the strong SST gradient case.