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Dupré Aurore


PhD Student

 Sizing of a short-term wind forecasting system

Email: aurore.dupre@lmd.polytechnique.fr
Phone: 01 69 33 51 93

Office: 05 3036




[1] Dupré, A., Drobinski, P., Alonzo, B., Badosa, J., Briard, C., and Plougonven, R.: Sub-hourly Forecasting of Wind Speed and Wind Energy, Renewable Energy, in review, 2019.
[2] Dupré, A., Drobinski, P., Badosa, J., Briard, C., and Plougonven, R.: Air Density Induced Error on Wind Energy Estimation, Annales Geophysicae Discuss., https://doi.org/10.5194/angeo-2019-88, in review, 2019